[PATCH] D26196: AMDGPU: Translate null pointers in private and local addr space

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In amdgcn target, null pointers in global, constant, and generic address space take value 0 but null pointers in private and local address space take value -1. Currently LLVM assumes all null pointers take value 0, which results in incorrectly translated IR. To workaround this issue, instead of emit null pointers in local and private address space, a null pointer in generic address space is emitted and casted to local and private address space.

A virtual member function translateNullPtr is added to TargetCodeGenInfo which by default does nothing. Each target can override this virtual function for translating null pointers.

A wrapper function translateNullPtr is added to CodegenModule to facilitate performing the target specific translation of null pointers.

This change has no effect on other targets except amdgcn target.



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