[PATCH] D26150: [libc++abi] Fix test_exception_storage_nodynmem on MacOS

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Mon Oct 31 08:01:48 PDT 2016

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Mach-O defaults to two-level namespaces, so `calloc` cannot be
interpositoned. Override it via the default malloc zone instead.

Note: `DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE` can be used to enable interpositioning
on Mach-O, but `calloc` is used during library initialization, so
replacing it with a version which always returns NULL causes segfaults.
This could be worked around, but malloc zones are a cleaner solution.



Index: test/test_exception_storage_nodynmem.pass.cpp
--- test/test_exception_storage_nodynmem.pass.cpp
+++ test/test_exception_storage_nodynmem.pass.cpp
@@ -17,16 +17,28 @@
 #include <assert.h>
 #include <cstdlib>
+#if defined(__APPLE__)
+#include <malloc/malloc.h>
 static bool OverwrittenCallocCalled = false;
 // Override calloc to simulate exhaustion of dynamic memory
+#if !defined(__APPLE__)
 void *calloc(size_t, size_t) {
+void *calloc(malloc_zone_t *, size_t, size_t) {
     OverwrittenCallocCalled = true;
     return 0;
 int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
+#if defined(__APPLE__)
+    malloc_zone_t *default_zone = malloc_default_zone();
+    default_zone->calloc = calloc;
     // Run the test a couple of times
     // to ensure that fallback memory doesn't leak.
     for (int I = 0; I < 1000; ++I)

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