[PATCH] D24800: Merge conflicting replacements when they are order-independent.

Alexander Shaposhnikov via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 28 14:01:35 PDT 2016

alexshap added inline comments.

Comment at: cfe/trunk/lib/Tooling/Core/Replacement.cpp:182
@@ +181,3 @@
+Replacements::mergeIfOrderIndependent(const Replacement &R) const {
+  Replacements Rs(R);
ioeric wrote:
> alexshap wrote:
> > sorry, probably i am late to the party,
> > however i'd like to ask how this method is supposed to be used by the customers of this code.
> > If i'm not mistaken we have some  concrete examples in clang-extra-tools: for instance @omtcyfz  referred  to this diff on https://reviews.llvm.org/D24914. 
> > Basically after this diff the class Replacements contains several methods (add, mergeIfOrderIndependent etc), but mergeIfOrderIndependent potentially will copy a lot of replacements (i don't know if the perf is a real issue here, but at least it looks a bit strange to me).
> > Another question - how are the customers of this code supposed to use the method add ? still suppress the error (like what was happening on https://reviews.llvm.org/D24914) ?
> > Am i missing smth ?
> > cc: @klimek, @djasper.
> > 
> First of all, this diff doesn't introduce new interfaces - they are just private helper functions, which are mostly called on conflicting replacements set with relatively small size.
> Secondly, `add` now supports merging order-independent replacements, so it handles deduplication to some extend, i.e. identical non-insertion replacements can be deduplicated, which happens to solve the issue with clang-rename as mentioned in D24914.
i see,  thank you for the explanation.



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