[PATCH] D22968: [analyzer] A checker for macOS-specific bool- and number-like objects.

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NoQ retitled this revision from "[analyzer] A checker for macOS-specific bool-like objects." to "[analyzer] A checker for macOS-specific bool- and number-like objects.".
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The checker now checks conversions of `NSNumber` to integer types, not just boolean.

To do now - a bit more time needed to test various tweaks. The current version of the non-pedantic checker has found a couple of good new true positives, being relatively silent in general. I'm keeping positives of form `x == 0` (where `x` is a number pointer) in non-pedantic checker, even though they have been reporting non-bugs, because bugs of this form have been found, and it seems very desirable to make the code more specific in this particular case.

To do later - consider conversions by passing NSNumber to a function that expects an integer, consider OSNumber and maybe CFNumber(?).



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