[PATCH] D24224: [clang-rename] Merge rename-{ at | all } and optimise USRFindingAction.

Kirill Bobyrev via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Sep 9 06:54:14 PDT 2016

omtcyfz added a comment.


Comment at: clang-rename/USRFindingAction.cpp:169
@@ -160,2 +168,3 @@
                << SymbolOffset << ").\n";
+        exit(1);
       } else {
alexfh wrote:
> I'd better not use `exit()` in library code and try to find a way to signal the error to the caller (e.g. make the function return a bool so that HandleTranslationUnit doesn't do useless work, and use ASTContext::getDiagnostics() to report errors; or add a separate callback, if this doesn't work for some reason).


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