[PATCH] D24268: Traversing template paramter lists of DeclaratorDecls and/or TagDecls.

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The unit tests in this patch demonstrate the need to traverse template
parameter lists of DeclaratorDecls (e.g. VarDecls, CXXMethodDecls) and
TagDecls (e.g. EnumDecls, RecordDecls).  Without new traversal code
in RecursiveASTVisitor, the new unit tests would trigger an assert
failure in MatchASTVisitor::matchesAncestorOfRecursively while verifing
that all AST nodes have a parent:
  bool matchesAncestorOfRecursively(const ast_type_traits::DynTypedNode &Node,
                                    ...) {
    const auto &Parents = ActiveASTContext->getParents(Node);
    assert(!Parents.empty() && "Found node that is not in the parent map.");

Fixes PR29042.



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