[PATCH] D23329: [NFC] Reducing allocations in AST attributes

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Fri Aug 12 21:41:44 PDT 2016

kevgs updated this revision to Diff 67955.
kevgs added a comment.

clang-formatted + dead code removed



Index: include/clang/AST/AttrIterator.h
--- include/clang/AST/AttrIterator.h
+++ include/clang/AST/AttrIterator.h
@@ -39,8 +39,7 @@
 namespace clang {
 /// AttrVec - A vector of Attr, which is how they are stored on the AST.
-typedef SmallVector<Attr*, 2> AttrVec;
-typedef SmallVector<const Attr*, 2> ConstAttrVec;
+typedef SmallVector<Attr *, 4> AttrVec;
 /// specific_attr_iterator - Iterates over a subrange of an AttrVec, only
 /// providing attributes that are of a specific type.

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