[PATCH] D23316: [analyzer] Fixed the false-positives caused by macro generated code.

Kirill Bobyrev via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 11 06:08:49 PDT 2016

omtcyfz added a subscriber: omtcyfz.

Comment at: lib/Analysis/CloneDetection.cpp:436
@@ +435,3 @@
+    if (IsInMacro) {
+      Signature.Complexity = 0;
+    }
Do I understand correctly that a code generated by a macro doesn't affect "complexity" at all then?

TEST_F(QueryParserTest, Complete) {
  std::vector<llvm::LineEditor::Completion> Comps =
      QueryParser::complete("", 0, QS);
  ASSERT_EQ(6u, Comps.size());
  EXPECT_EQ("help ", Comps[0].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("help", Comps[0].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("let ", Comps[1].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("let", Comps[1].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("match ", Comps[2].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("match", Comps[2].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("set ", Comps[3].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("set", Comps[3].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("unlet ", Comps[4].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("unlet", Comps[4].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("quit", Comps[5].DisplayText);
  EXPECT_EQ("quit ", Comps[5].TypedText);

  Comps = QueryParser::complete("set o", 5, QS);
  ASSERT_EQ(1u, Comps.size());
  EXPECT_EQ("utput ", Comps[0].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("output", Comps[0].DisplayText);

  Comps = QueryParser::complete("match while", 11, QS);
  ASSERT_EQ(1u, Comps.size());
  EXPECT_EQ("Stmt(", Comps[0].TypedText);
  EXPECT_EQ("Matcher<Stmt> whileStmt(Matcher<WhileStmt>...)",

This is an actual piece of code from `extra/unittests/clang-query/QueryParserTest.cpp`. Yes, it is a test, but it still is a nice example of how many macros can be found in code (especially if we are talking about pure C or some weird C++).

Thus, I think it is reasonable to treat macro invocation as a `1`-"complexity" node.


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