[PATCH] D22679: [mips][ias] Enable IAS by default for N64 on Debian mips64el.

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Fri Jul 22 07:30:49 PDT 2016

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Unfortunately we can't enable it for all N64 because it is not yet possible to    
distinguish N32 from N64 from the triple on other environments.                                                         
N64 has been confirmed to produce identical (within reason) objects to GAS        
during stage 2 of compiler recursion on N64-abi Fedora. Unfortunately,           
Fedora's triples do not distinguish N32 from N64 so I can't enable it by          
default there. I'm currently repeating this testing for Debian mips64el but       
it's very unlikely to produce a different result.



Index: lib/Driver/ToolChains.cpp
--- lib/Driver/ToolChains.cpp
+++ lib/Driver/ToolChains.cpp
@@ -2758,6 +2758,13 @@
   case llvm::Triple::mips:
   case llvm::Triple::mipsel:
     return true;
+  case llvm::Triple::mips64:
+  case llvm::Triple::mips64el:
+    // Enabled for Debian mips64/mips64el only. Other targets are unable to
+    // distinguish N32 from N64.
+    if (getTriple().getEnvironment() == llvm::Triple::GNUABI64)
+      return true;
+    return false;
     return false;

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