[PATCH] D22426: Fix automatic detection of ARM MSVC toolset in clang.exe

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Fri Jul 15 14:46:26 PDT 2016

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Clang was failing to find the ARM version of the MSVC link.exe, even though it could correctly find link.exe for x86 and x64. Clang looks in the %VCINSTALLDIR%\VC\bin directory for link.exe when targeting x86 (finding the x86-hosted, x86-targeting tools), the VC\bin\amd64 directory when targeting x64 (finding the x64-hosted, x64-targeting tools), and the non-existent VC\bin\arm directory when targeting ARM (which is where the ARM-hosted tools would be if they existed). I just switched it to always look for the x86-hosted tools for all targets, in VC\bin\x86, VC\bin\x86_amd64, or VC\bin\x86_arm.



Index: lib/Driver/MSVCToolChain.cpp
--- lib/Driver/MSVCToolChain.cpp
+++ lib/Driver/MSVCToolChain.cpp
@@ -457,10 +457,10 @@
   case llvm::Triple::x86:
   case llvm::Triple::x86_64:
-    llvm::sys::path::append(BinDir, "amd64");
+    llvm::sys::path::append(BinDir, "x86_amd64");
   case llvm::Triple::arm:
-    llvm::sys::path::append(BinDir, "arm");
+    llvm::sys::path::append(BinDir, "x86_arm");
     // Whatever this is, Visual Studio doesn't have a toolchain for it.

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