[PATCH] D20352: Add XRay flags to Clang

Aaron Ballman via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jul 13 15:39:48 PDT 2016

aaron.ballman added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D20352#482590, @dberris wrote:

> It looks like I was using `hasArg` instead of `hasFlag`. The dangerous part here is that OptSpecifier has an unsigned non-explicit argument, and I suspect `bool` is being promoted to `unsigned` silently with clang/gcc.

Still not quite right with the latest patch:

C2664	'bool llvm::opt::ArgList::hasArg(llvm::opt::OptSpecifier,llvm::opt::OptSpecifier,llvm::opt::OptSpecifier) const': cannot convert argument 3 from 'bool' to 'llvm::opt::OptSpecifier'	E:\llvm\llvm\tools\clang\lib\Driver\Tools.cpp	4608

I changed this to use hasFlag() instead, and then it compiled and tests passed. I've commit in r275330.


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