[PATCH] D22183: [SemObjC] Fix TypoExpr handling in TransformObjCDictionaryLiteral

Manman Ren via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jul 12 11:20:41 PDT 2016

manmanren added a comment.

> Before this patch, the testcase added used to take

>  5s to compile!!! A bit more elaborate NSDictionary literal with some

> undeclared enums would make the compiler take 22min to run, followed by a crash.

--> this is a big improvement!

A few notes from discussions with Bruno:
This patch changes the base class TreeTransform<Derived>::TransformObjCDictionaryLiteral, which is not specific to TransformTypos.

Here we have multiple TypoExprs in a single DictionaryLiteral, and the search space for each TypoExpr can be pretty big. That is why it takes a long time to go through all the possible corrections.

I applied your patch, looks like it returns an ObjCDictionaryLiteral that contains TypoExpr as valid and that is why we break out of the while loop in TransformTypos::Transform. That does not look right.

We can probably prune the search space if one of the TypoExprs has zero candidate (in the testing case, the 2nd TypoExpr has zero candidate).



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