[PATCH] D21904: [OpenMP] Initial implementation of parse+sema for clause use_device_ptr of 'target data'

Alexey Bataev via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 30 22:01:42 PDT 2016

ABataev added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D21904#472074, @carlo.bertolli wrote:

> I think that Kelvin is right. This is what that sentence refers to:
>  int * bla = ..;
>  #pragma omp target data use_device_ptr(bla)
>  {
>   .. bla .. // <-- this is the 'reference' that sentence is about
> }
> What puzzles me about that sentence is that it seems it is asking us to use bla as following:
>  int addr_bla = &bla;
>  // now can use addr_bla
> I am specifically referring to this part of the sentence: "must be to the address of the list item"
> Anyway, as Kelvin says, this has nothing to do with what we expect sema for use_device_ptr to accept. Samuel point, but I may be mistaken, is that a reference to a pointer should be considered as a pointer itself.
>  Alexey: if you do not think this is right, I can add a test that excludes references.
> Finally, thanks for the very quick review and for all your comments
> - Carlo

Carlo, I'm not sure about this sentence at all. If you think that this construct may accept references to pointers, then go ahead and ignore my previous comment.



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