[PATCH] D18639: Use __builtin_isnan/isinf/isfinite in complex

Marshall Clow via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 30 20:35:27 PDT 2016

mclow.lists added a comment.

Hal and I talked about this in Oulu. In general, I'm good with this approach.

However, I think that the code could be made much clearer.  (some naming changes, some code rearrangement)
First off, I think the name `__fast_isinf` is a poor name. I think something like `__isinf` would be better, but Hal informs me that *everyone* uses that name for something, so I think that `__libcpp_isinf` would be better.

Secondly, instead of duplicating all of the boilerplate code around the different versions of whatever we call it, I think we can bury the ifdefs inside the inline functions.   I'll try to work up an example, and post it here.


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