r274120 - [OpenCL] Fix typo in as_type test.

Alexey Bader via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jun 29 05:26:00 PDT 2016

Author: bader
Date: Wed Jun 29 07:25:58 2016
New Revision: 274120

URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=274120&view=rev
[OpenCL] Fix typo in as_type test.

Reset astype variable in f6 function to avoid matching with wrong value from f5 function.


Modified: cfe/trunk/test/CodeGenOpenCL/as_type.cl
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/cfe/trunk/test/CodeGenOpenCL/as_type.cl?rev=274120&r1=274119&r2=274120&view=diff
--- cfe/trunk/test/CodeGenOpenCL/as_type.cl (original)
+++ cfe/trunk/test/CodeGenOpenCL/as_type.cl Wed Jun 29 07:25:58 2016
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ int f5(char3 x) {
 //CHECK: define spir_func i32 @f6(<4 x i8> %[[x:.*]])
-//CHECK: %[[astype]] = bitcast <4 x i8> %[[x]] to i32
+//CHECK: %[[astype:.*]] = bitcast <4 x i8> %[[x]] to i32
 //CHECK-NOT: shufflevector
 //CHECK: ret i32 %[[astype]]
 int f6(char4 x) {

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