[PATCH] D21373: [Clang][bmi][intrinsics] Adding _mm_tzcnt_64 _mm_tzcnt_32 intrinsics to clang.

Simon Pilgrim via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jun 21 08:06:24 PDT 2016

RKSimon accepted this revision.
RKSimon added a comment.
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.


Comment at: lib/Headers/bmiintrin.h:284
@@ -283,2 +283,3 @@
 ///    bits in the operand.
 static __inline__ unsigned int __RELAXED_FN_ATTRS
Why the newlines? It  doesn't match the rest of the header.

Comment at: lib/Headers/bmiintrin.h:296
@@ +295,3 @@
+/// This intrinsic corresponds to the \c TZCNT instruction.
+/// \param __X
m_zuckerman wrote:
> We can't use #define Here. The __mm_tzcnt_32(a) intrinsics is deferent from __tzcnt_u32  in the return value. The __mm_tzcnt_32 intrinsic return sign int while the __tzcnt_u32 return unsign value.   
Ah! Missed that bit - thats fine.


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