[PATCH] D21279: Fix some issues in clang-format's AlignConsecutive modes

Beren Minor via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jun 20 04:22:31 PDT 2016

berenm added a comment.

Thanks! The operators are now correctly handled.

Another thing I've found is that constructors aren't aligned either with other declarations or either together. Do you think it would be possible to treat them as functions as well?

Friend functions also aren't aligned with the other functions, but I'm not sure why or even if they should be. I believe most of the time friend functions are declared in a separate declaration "group" anyway.

  struct A {
    explicit A(int);
    unsigned operator=(int a);
    long     bar(int a);
    friend void     foo();
    friend unsigned baz();



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