[PATCH] D20467: [include-fixer] Mention more details in the document.

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Index: docs/include-fixer.rst
--- docs/include-fixer.rst
+++ docs/include-fixer.rst
@@ -41,14 +41,16 @@
 .. code-block:: console
   $ cd path/to/llvm-build
+  $ ninja find-all-symbols // build find-all-symbols tool.
+  $ ninja clang-include-fixer // build clang-include-fixer tool.
   $ ls compile_commands.json # Make sure compile_commands.json exists.
   $ path/to/llvm/source/tools/clang/tools/extra/include-fixer/find-all-symbols/tool/run-find-all-symbols.py
     ... wait as clang indexes the code base ...
   $ ln -s $PWD/find_all_symbols_db.yaml path/to/llvm/source/ # Link database into the source tree.
   $ ln -s $PWD/compile_commands.json path/to/llvm/source/ # Also link compilation database if it's not there already.
   $ cd path/to/llvm/source
-  $ clang-include-fixer -db=yaml path/to/file/with/missing/include.cpp
+  $ /path/to/clang-include-fixer -db=yaml path/to/file/with/missing/include.cpp
     Added #include "foo.h"
 Integrate with Vim
@@ -63,6 +65,9 @@
 This enables `clang-include-fixer` for NORMAL and VISUAL mode. Change ``,cf`` to
 another binding if you need clang-include-fixer on a different key.
+Make sure the path of :program:`clang-include-fixer` is in the environment PATH
 See ``clang-include-fixer.py`` for more details.
 How it Works

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