[PATCH] D20320: [libunwind] Improve unwinder stack usage - II

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Tue May 17 04:03:59 PDT 2016

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This is a follow-up to D20119.

`unwind_phase1` and `unwind_phase2` allocate their own copies of `unw_cursor_t` buffers on the stack. This can blow-up stack usage of the unwinder depending on how these two functions get inlined into `_Unwind_RaiseException`. Clang seems to inline `unwind_phase1` into `_Unwind_RaiseException` but not `unwind_phase2`, thus creating two `unw_cursor_t` buffers on the stack. 

One way to work-around this problem is to mark both `unwind_phase1` and `unwind_phase2` as noinline. I chose to take the less macro-dependent approach and explicitly allocate a `unw_cursor_t` buffer and pass that into `unwind_phase1` and `unwind_phase2` functions.

This shaves off about ~1000 bytes of stack usage on ARM targets.

The current patch together with D20119, shaves off about roughly 2KB of stack usage.



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