[PATCH] D18852: [clang-tidy] fix a crash with -fdelayed-template-parsing in UnnecessaryValueParamCheck.

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Wed Apr 6 18:38:13 PDT 2016

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This is the same kind of bug that [[ http://reviews.llvm.org/D18238 | D18238 ]].

Fix crashes caused by deferencing null pointer when declarations parsing may be delayed.
The body of the declarations may be null.

The crashes were observed with a Windows build of clang-tidy and the following command-line.
command-line switches: -fms-compatibility-version=19 -fms-compatibility



Index: clang-tidy/performance/UnnecessaryValueParamCheck.cpp
--- clang-tidy/performance/UnnecessaryValueParamCheck.cpp
+++ clang-tidy/performance/UnnecessaryValueParamCheck.cpp
@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@
   bool IsConstQualified =
+  // Skip declarations delayed by late template parsing without a body.
+  if (!Function->getBody())
+    return;
   // Do not trigger on non-const value parameters when:
   // 1. they are in a constructor definition since they can likely trigger
   //    misc-move-constructor-init which will suggest to move the argument.

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