[PATCH] D18501: Fix <cmath> compilation on FreeBSD

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Sun Mar 27 13:36:47 PDT 2016

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On FreeBSD, a number of math.h functions are actually defined as macros,
such as `signbit()`, `fpclassify()` and others.  Since libc++'s <cmath>
attempts to do `using ::signbit;`, `using ::fpclassify;`, and so on,
this results in compile errors:

    libcxx/include/cmath:309:9: error: '::signbit' has not been declared
     using ::signbit;
    libcxx/include/cmath:310:9: error: '::fpclassify' has not been declared
     using ::fpclassify;

Here is a patch to exclude `signbit` through `isunordered`, and also
`abs`, which we don't have in math.h.

(Actually, I'm not sure that `::abs` should even be in here, since it is
a stdlib.h function?  We don't have it in math.h, in any case.)



Index: include/cmath
--- include/cmath
+++ include/cmath
@@ -306,6 +306,7 @@
+#ifndef __FreeBSD__
 using ::signbit;
 using ::fpclassify;
 using ::isfinite;
@@ -319,13 +320,14 @@
 using ::islessgreater;
 using ::isunordered;
 using ::isunordered;
+#endif // __FreeBSD__
 using ::float_t;
 using ::double_t;
-#ifndef _AIX
+#if !defined(_AIX) && !defined(__FreeBSD__)
 using ::abs;
+#endif // !AIX && !__FreeBSD__
 #ifndef __sun__
 using ::acos;

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