[PATCH] D18425: [Sema] Make enable_if act correctly with value dependent conditions/arguments

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Wed Mar 23 18:42:24 PDT 2016

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Test case:

int foo(int A) __attribute__((enable_if(A == 0, "")));
template <int A> int bar() { return foo(A); }

int G = bar<1>(); // calls foo(1), which should be a compile-time error, but isn't.

We get around this by making `CheckEnableIf` fail all value dependent `enable_if` conditions, and report whether the condition may have failed due to a dependent value. If we fail due for this reason during overload resolution, we hand back an unresolved, type-dependent call expression, because the following code is perfectly legal:

int ThisIsABadIdea(int A) __attribute__((enable_if(A == 1, "")));
double ThisIsABadIdea(int A) __attribute__((enable_if(A == 2, "")));

...But if we're not in overload resolution, we can get away with just marking the expression as value dependent, because we know our target. :)



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