[PATCH] D17922: [clang-format] Don't add a space before Obj-C selector methods that are also clang-format keywords

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Sun Mar 6 20:30:00 PST 2016

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The following Obj-C methods will get formatted with an extra space between the right paren and the name:

`- (void)delete:(id)sender`
`- (void)export:(id)sender`

So they'll incorrectly appear as:

`- (void) delete:(id)sender`
`- (void) export:(id)sender`

The fix is to check if the token is a TT_SelectorName instead of tok::identifier. That way keywords recognized by clang-format still get treated as an Obj-C method name (because they're both a TT_SelectorName and tok::delete type).



Index: unittests/Format/FormatTest.cpp
--- unittests/Format/FormatTest.cpp
+++ unittests/Format/FormatTest.cpp
@@ -7433,6 +7433,7 @@
                "                         y:(id<yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy>)y\n"
                "    NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER;",
+  verifyFormat("- (void)delete:(id)sender\n");
   // Continuation indent width should win over aligning colons if the function
   // name is long.
Index: lib/Format/TokenAnnotator.cpp
--- lib/Format/TokenAnnotator.cpp
+++ lib/Format/TokenAnnotator.cpp
@@ -2077,7 +2077,7 @@
   if (Line.Type == LT_ObjCMethodDecl) {
     if (Left.is(TT_ObjCMethodSpecifier))
       return true;
-    if (Left.is(tok::r_paren) && Right.is(tok::identifier))
+    if (Left.is(tok::r_paren) && Right.is(TT_SelectorName))
       // Don't space between ')' and <id>
       return false;

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