[PATCH] D17550: Adding doxygen comments to the LLVM intrinsics (part 6, popcntintrin.h)

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I don’t think it will too hard to convert C++ style doxygen comments into C style doxygen comments by writing a post-processing python script. However, at first we need to decide if we really want to do that. If so, we need to settle on the exact format. After that, I need to make sure that the comments in the new format will be rendered correctly in MS Tooltips, XCode, online documentation and PS4 internal documentation. This discussion + investigation might take a few days.

Before we start discussing the exact format, I want to make sure that we really want to change to C-style doxygen comments.
Here are my not-so-strong arguments against it:

-        There currently are 257 occurrences C++ style comments in 14 other header files in /llvm/tools/clang/lib/Headers directory (I’m talking about the files that I didn’t touch). C++ style comments were there for AGES and nobody complained so far. If we decide to change C++ style doxygen comments -> C-style, we also need to change all regular C++ comments to C-style in these header files.

-        c99 (and later) supports C++ style comments, while I c89 doesn’t. I’m not sure if we have users that still use c89 format and x86 intrinsic headers at the same time.

-        C++ style doxygen comments are more pretty and readable compared to C-style comment (though it might be my subjective opinion).

Let me know what you think.

I will try to get Dmitri Gribenko’s opinion. He did a lot of work on doxygen in LLVM. I’m curious what he thinks about Javadoc style format.


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Yeah, we should be doing this. Nice catch Paul and Greg.

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In http://reviews.llvm.org/D17550#360177, @probinson wrote:

> One question I have, which shouldn't block this (as we've done several like this already):
>  Is is okay to be using C++ style comments in these headers?
>  (Is there a C-style comment that Doxygen recognizes?)

There are a few various formats that Doxygen supports.  Looking at headers from llvm-c the most common convention appears to be JavaDoc style, although there are a few examples of other supported styles floating around the codebase.  E.g. from include/llvm-c/lto.h using JavaDoc style:


- Diagnostic handler type.
- \p severity defines the severity.
- \p diag is the actual diagnostic.
- The diagnostic is not prefixed by any of severity keyword, e.g., 'error: '.
- \p ctxt is used to pass the context set with the diagnostic handler. *
- \since LTO_API_VERSION=7 */




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