[PATCH] D16694: [llvmlab] Enable clang tests that output to the console when we are on the buildbots

Yunzhong Gao via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 28 14:27:18 PST 2016

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So this patch tries to enable tests that will output to the console. These tests are otherwise not exercised.
Note that the outputs will stay on the console and will not be saved into the test log.
Could a buildbot expert take a look whether this is the right approach?
Thanks in advance,
- Gao



Index: zorg/buildbot/builders/ClangBuilder.py
--- zorg/buildbot/builders/ClangBuilder.py
+++ zorg/buildbot/builders/ClangBuilder.py
@@ -1367,15 +1367,15 @@
     # Save artifacts of this build for use by other builders.
     f = artifacts.uploadArtifacts(f)
     # Run the LLVM and Clang regression tests.
-    cmd_str = r"""make VERBOSE=1 LIT_ARGS="-v --param run_long_tests=true --filter='^(?!.*debuginfo-tests)'" check-all"""
+    cmd_str = r"""make VERBOSE=1 LIT_ARGS="-v --param run_long_tests=true --param enable_console=1 --filter='^(?!.*debuginfo-tests)'" check-all"""
     f.addStep(lit_test_command.LitTestCommand(name='run.llvm.tests', haltOnFailure=True,
                                               description=['all', 'tests'],
     # Work around for lldb issue rdar://14929651
     # The crazy filter regex is to remove static-member[2].cpp, which requires xcode5 or later.
     # radar://16295455 tracks the removal of this regex.
-    cmd_str = r"""make VERBOSE=1 LIT_ARGS="-j 1 -v --param run_long_tests=true  --filter='debuginfo-tests.(?!static-member)'" check-all"""
+    cmd_str = r"""make VERBOSE=1 LIT_ARGS="-j 1 -v --param run_long_tests=true --param enable_console=1 --filter='debuginfo-tests.(?!static-member)'" check-all"""
     f.addStep(lit_test_command.LitTestCommand(name='run.llvm.debuginfo-tests', haltOnFailure=True,
                                               description=['all', 'tests'],

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