[PATCH] D15829: [PGO] Clang Option that enables IR level PGO instrumentation

Rong Xu via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jan 27 11:18:30 PST 2016

xur added a comment.

Sean: Adding a new CC1 option ProfileClangInstr will make things
cleaner. But this won't solve the problem. The root of all the mess is
there is no driver level option for IR instrumentation. I need to
either "hijack" the -Xclang option, or move the logic to
CompilerInvocation.cpp, which both you don't like.

The reason is I have to reply on the Driver option
-fprofile-instr-generate to have the right link line for the profile
library. -fprofile-instr-generate will set the Instrumentation to
Clang (regardless use of current cc1 option of
-fprofile-instr-generate, or the new proposed -fprofile-clang-instr).
For IR instrumentation where the user specifies "-Xclang
-fprofile-ir-instr", I need to overwrite the driver level option. To
get that, I either parse the -Xclang value (this is "hijack), or I
handle it in CC1 (in CompilerInvocation.cpp). I don't see a way to
avoid it.

Can we use a hidden driver option here for IR instrumentation?


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