[PATCH] D16584: [libcxx] Work around for clang calling GAS after having already failed.

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Tue Jan 26 08:06:59 PST 2016

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This is a workaround to a clang bug which causes libcxx tests to fail in the 3.8
release. The clang bug is currently being investigated. It seems that clang
does not stop after frontend errors when using -verify and -fno-integrated-as
(or when this is the default). This patch adds -fsyntax-only to prevent GAS
from being called, fixing the libcxx failures.


Patch by Eric Fiselier



Index: test/libcxx/test/format.py
--- test/libcxx/test/format.py
+++ test/libcxx/test/format.py
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@
                        'expected-error', 'expected-no-diagnostics']
         use_verify = self.use_verify_for_fail and \
                      any([tag in contents for tag in verify_tags])
-        extra_flags = []
+        extra_flags = ['-fsyntax-only']
         if use_verify:
             extra_flags += ['-Xclang', '-verify',
                             '-Xclang', '-verify-ignore-unexpected=note']

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