[PATCH] D15636: Reduce false positives in printf/scanf format checker

Andy Gibbs via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 26 00:06:39 PST 2016

AndyG added a comment.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for looking at my patch.  I would argue that the code

  printf(minimal ? "%i\n" : "%i: %s\n", code, msg);

is valid and should //not// cause a warning due to unused arguments since at least one code path uses all the arguments.  This in my view is the problem with the diagnostic as it currently stands.

I should expect that the following would cause the warning:

  printf(minimal ? "%i\n" : "%i: %s\n", code, msg, unused);

which indeed it still does under this patch for the argument 'unused'.  Also, where the compiler can determine that a code path is ever followed then it will still produce the warning, as in:

  printf(1 ? "%i\n" : "%i: %s\n", code, msg);



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