[PATCH] D16552: Let clang not error out on `const std::vector<int> empty_vec; ` with libstdc++5.3.

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Mon Jan 25 12:25:49 PST 2016

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libstdc++ is using `= default` instead of `{}` for more and more of its container classes, because they think DR 253 should be accepted (https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=60284). Since clang doesn't implement DR 253, clang complains on definitions of empty const objects of these containers. This is unfortunate, since `const std::vector<int> empty_vec;` builds fine with gcc, clang with older libstdc++ versions, clang with libc++, and Visual Studio.

This patch adds a clang-side workaround for libstdc++ types: For types in system headers that are in namespace std and that have no uninitialized fields and an explicitly defaulted constructed, clang now allows defining const objects of that type. Related to PR23381. Similar in spirit to r212238.



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