[Diffusion] rL258575: unordered_map: Reuse insert logic in emplace when possible, NFC

Duncan P. N. Exon Smith via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sat Jan 23 07:55:50 PST 2016


(This looks like a broken feature of Phab.  I suggest not using it,
since it hasn't put the patch context in this email, it didn't CC
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I'll reply to that mail in a moment to link to this thread.)

> On 2016-Jan-22, at 20:13, Eric Fiselier <eric at efcs.ca> wrote:
> EricWF added a subscriber: EricWF.
> EricWF raised a concern with this commit.
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> @dexonsmith This change should have been reviewed before committing.

Sorry about this.  I had assumed LLVM's culture of post-commit
review.  I'll take things more slowly going forward.

> I think there are better ways to make `insert` and `emplace` work together. In particular I would like to put most of the logic in `<__hash_table>` not `<unordered_map>`.

Given that __hash_table and unordered_map have incompatible
concepts of "value_type", and the purpose of sharing them is to
optimize away mallocs when we can pull out the right parts of
value_type, I'm skeptical.

> Please revert this commit.


> /libcxx/trunk/include/unordered_map:930 I think we can just call `__table_.__insert_unique(std::forward<_Arg>(__arg))` for the one arg case and `__table_.

The purpose of this commit was to ensure that emplace gets the same
malloc optimizations as insert, so that the tests in this patch

I don't see how this alternate approach would accomplish that?

> /libcxx/trunk/include/unordered_map:932 I think this optimization should be limited to when "_Arg" is "value_type". 

The patch linked above optimizes mallocs whenever key_type matches.
I also have a follow-up (originally part of that patch) that
strengthens the optimization to whenever we can convert to key_type
(and destruct it) trivially.  It's simplest to forward to insert()
to guarantee that each behaves "as if" the other were called;
otherwise that patch needs to duplicate all the type-based dispatch
in two places.

> * `is_constructible` can cause a hard compile error when using Clang. I prefer not to use it when possible. 

That's terrible.  In what versions?  (If ToT, we should fix that...
can you point me at a PR?)

It's already used in the enable_if for `insert()`.  Does it break
there?  (My experience is that hard compile errors usually prevent
meta-functions from being used in enable_ifs; I'd assumed there
weren't any bugs in is_constructible since I saw the use below.)

Maybe I should pivot the malloc optimization; if we change
`insert()` to just call `emplace()` -- valid because of the
enable_if (I assume the bugs in is_constructible don't cause
miscompiles?) -- I can do the malloc optimization inside the
single-argument `emplace()`.  This would require more intrusive
changes to __hash_table of course, since I think your original
commit (r239666) only optimized the insert-side.  What do you

> Users:
>  dexonsmith (Author)
>  EricWF (Auditor)
> http://reviews.llvm.org/rL258575

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