[PATCH] D16179: [clang-tidy] Handle decayed types and other improvements in VirtualNearMiss check.

Cong Liu via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jan 15 15:34:14 PST 2016

congliu added a comment.

> - Ignore qualifiers.

I don't think we should ignore qualifiers. Please see my inline comment for line 52 of the test file.

Comment at: clang-tidy/misc/VirtualNearMissCheck.cpp:240
@@ -247,2 +239,3 @@
         unsigned EditDistance =
-            BaseMD->getName().edit_distance(DerivedMD->getName());
+            StringRef(BaseMD->getNameAsString())
+                .edit_distance(DerivedMD->getNameAsString());
NamedDecl::getName() directly returns a StringRef. Why using "getNameAsString()"? 

Comment at: test/clang-tidy/misc-virtual-near-miss.cpp:52
@@ -49,2 +51,3 @@
-  int methoe(int x); // Should not warn: method is not const.
+  int methoe(int x);
+  // CHECK-MESSAGES: :[[@LINE-1]]:3: warning: method 'Child::methoe' has {{.*}} 'Mother::method'
If a function in derived class has a same name but different cv-qualifiers as a function in base class, they are not regarded as overriding. For example, 

class Mother{ 
  virtual int method(int argc) const;
class Child : Mother{
  int method(int x);
In this case, Child::method does not overrides Mother::method, but hides it. So I think we should not warn for "methoe", because even if the programmer changes "methoe" to "method", it's not an overriding. 


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