[PATCH] D15729: Load compiler plugins in ASTUnit, too

Stefan Kemnitz via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 12 08:37:22 PST 2016

realincubus added a comment.


I am finally back at work and happy to see that some effort already went into the patch that i initially wrote some time ago (http://reviews.llvm.org/D5611)

I just looked through the files of the new patch and noticed that the libclang.exports file is missing.
As far as i understand this, the exports file defines which symbols will be visible to the linker when linking to the 
libclang.so library.

Since some of the symbols that are needed for the plugin mechanism to work are not exported, i wrote a list of these symbols and appended theses to the libclang.exports file.

**If i don't add these symbols it's impossible to load any plugin from libclang.so **

I assume that if you write a test for loading plugins via libclang you should write a test that acually uses libclang for loading plugins via its C interface (clang_parseTranslationUnit).

@kfunk you said that this works for you without the additional symbols. it might be that something changed in clangs codebase and i dont have to export the symbols anymore. In the following days i will try to run my code without the symbols and write a test that uses libclangs C interface.

all the best stefan kemnitz


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