[PATCH] D16041: Change vfs::FileSystem to be managed with std::shared_ptr

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>>> Managing it with IntrusiveRefCntPtr caused the virtual destructor not to be called properly.
>>> Regardless of the broader discussion on this patch, I'm confused by why this ^ would be the case. What is it that IntrusiveRefCntPtr is doing that's causing problems with destruction? (& I'm all for changing this to non-intrusive smart pointers over intrusive ones anyway, but I'd still like to understand the extra motivation here)
>> ThreadSafeRefCountedBase, which classes must inherit from in order to use IntrusiveRefCntPtr, does not handle virtual destructors properly.  For the non-thread safe version, there is RefCountBaseVPTR which solves this problem.  An alternative solution would have been to add a corresponding ThreadSafeRefCountedBaseVPTR, but IMO at that point one might as well use shared_ptr since it’s 90% of the way there.
> I find this surprising. ThreadSafeRefCountedBase<FileSystem> calls
> "delete static_cast<const FileSystem *>(this)". As FileSystem has a
> virtual dtor, polymorphic deletion should just work. Am I missing
> something?

I’m not an expert on this stuff, but I’ll refer you to the difference between RefCountedBase and RefCountedBaseVPTR, and point out that ThreadSafeRefCountedBase is like the former rather than the latter.

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