[PATCH] D15363: [UBSan] Implement runtime suppressions (PR25066).

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Mon Jan 11 11:01:08 PST 2016

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In http://reviews.llvm.org/D15363#321941, @samsonov wrote:

> Interesting. Do we run test/asan/TestCases/suppressions-interceptor.cc on
>  Windows? Seems so: I don't see an XFAIL there, and it also uses
>  suppressions, but with single quote, followed by double quote:
> %env_asan_opts=suppressions='"%t.supp"'
> Why does it work there?

We need two levels of quoting: one for the shell and one that makes it all the way through to ASan. The single quotes get taken out by ShLexer or bash depending on which is in use, and the inner double quotes escape the colons inside the Windows paths.

This seemed like the most logically consistent thing to me, even if it's ugly. Any better ideas for smuggling colons through ASan options?



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