[PATCH] D15087: [PATCH] Add CERT license clarification

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During the review of D13446, Daniel pointed out that the CERT website's Terms of Use appear to prohibit using the rule title and minimal descriptions in our documentation. CERT's legal team has confirmed that our uses are acceptable, and drafted a license agreement that states such. I have verified that none of our documentation replicates the descriptions used in CERT's guidelines, and this patch is updating the license file with CERT's confirmation.



@@ -59,5 +59,4 @@
 Program             Directory
 -------             ---------
-<none yet>
+clang-tidy          clang-tidy/cert
Index: clang-tidy/cert/LICENSE.TXT
--- clang-tidy/cert/LICENSE.TXT
+++ clang-tidy/cert/LICENSE.TXT
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+clang-tidy CERT Files
+All clang-tidy files are licensed under the LLVM license with the following
+Any file referencing a CERT Secure Coding guideline:
+Please allow this letter to serve as confirmation that open source projects on
+http://llvm.org are permitted to link via hypertext to the CERT(R) secure coding
+guidelines available at https://www.securecoding.cert.org.   
+The foregoing is permitted by the Terms of Use as follows:
+"Linking to the Service
+Because we update many of our Web documents regularly, we would prefer that you
+link to our Web pages whenever possible rather than reproduce them. It is not
+necessary to request permission to make referential hypertext links to The
+Please allow this letter to also confirm that no formal permission is required
+to reproduce the title of the content being linked to, nor to reproduce any
+de Minimis description of such content.

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