r251738 - [MSVC Compat] Permit conversions from pointer-to-function to pointer-to-object iff -fms-compatibility

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> I think we more commonly say "function pointer":
> $ grep 'pointer-to-function' include/clang/Basic/Diagnostic*td | wc -l
>        3
> $ grep 'function pointer' include/clang/Basic/Diagnostic*td | wc -l
>        7
> For "object pointer" and "pointer-to-object" it's currently a tie. For
> "member pointer" and "pointer-to-member", the former is more common too. We
> should probably make all of these consistent – any preferences? "foo
> pointer" reads easier to me than "pointer-to-foo", but I'm not a native
> speaker.

The C++ Standard has some unfortunate terminology here:


   The type of a pointer to void or a pointer to an object type is called
   an object pointer type. [ Note: A pointer to void does not have a
   pointer-to-object type, however, because void is not an object type. —
   end note ]

That makes standardizing on either problematic, because they have different
meanings (any pointer-to-object type is an object pointer type, but not
vice versa).

-- James
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