[PATCH] D12906: [RFC] Bug identification("issue_hash") change for CmpRuns.py

Gyorgy Orban via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sun Oct 25 11:48:46 PDT 2015

o.gyorgy added a comment.


You are right the diff is is based on the hash. We already tried to
use an earlier hash generator (before the patch was introduced), which
generates a slightly different plist, that is why the current version
does not work with the patch.
We will fix CodeChecker to use new hash tag introduced in the final
patch (we did not change it so far because we didn't know what will be
the accepted naming convention and plist format).

We use LD_PRELOAD technique the log all the compiler calls, so no CC
or CXX environment variable orverride is necessary.
With the 'export CODECHECKER_VERBOSE=debug' enviromnet variable you
can see the analyzer commands.



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