[PATCH] D13973: CFG: Delay creating Dtors for CompoundStmts which end in ReturnStmt

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Wed Oct 21 23:04:44 PDT 2015

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VisitReturnStmt would create a new block with including Dtors, so the Dtors created
in VisitCompoundStmts would be in an unreachable block.


struct S {

void f()
  S s;

void g()
  S s;

Before this patch, f has one additional unreachable block containing just the
destructor of S. With this patch, both f and g have the same blocks.



Index: lib/Analysis/CFG.cpp
--- lib/Analysis/CFG.cpp
+++ lib/Analysis/CFG.cpp
@@ -1942,7 +1942,15 @@
 CFGBlock *CFGBuilder::VisitCompoundStmt(CompoundStmt *C) {
-  addLocalScopeAndDtors(C);
+  LocalScope::const_iterator scopeBeginPos = ScopePos;
+  if (BuildOpts.AddImplicitDtors) {
+    addLocalScopeForStmt(C);
+  }
+  if(!C->body_empty() && !dyn_cast<ReturnStmt>(*C->body_rbegin())) {
+    //If the body ends with a ReturnStmt, the Dtors will be added in VisitReturnStmt
+    addAutomaticObjDtors(ScopePos, scopeBeginPos, C);
+  }
   CFGBlock *LastBlock = Block;
   for (CompoundStmt::reverse_body_iterator I=C->body_rbegin(), E=C->body_rend();

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