[PATCH] D13054: [libc++] Un-guarded reference to uncaught_exception() in ostream header

Asiri Rathnayake via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Sep 22 05:22:56 PDT 2015

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The ostream header contains an un-guarded reference to uncaught_exception() which causes it to drag in the exception handling machinery even when not required (i.e. when compiling with -fno-exceptions). There are no tests for this fix as the behaviour is only visible at link time (unnecessary symbols present and increased image size).



Index: include/ostream
--- include/ostream
+++ include/ostream
@@ -260,7 +260,10 @@
 basic_ostream<_CharT, _Traits>::sentry::~sentry()
     if (__os_.rdbuf() && __os_.good() && (__os_.flags() & ios_base::unitbuf)
-                      && !uncaught_exception())
+                      && !uncaught_exception()
+       )

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