[PATCH] D13051: Add placeholder __libcpp_relaxed_store() for when atomic builtins are not available.

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Tue Sep 22 04:23:39 PDT 2015

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In rL241532, atomic_support.h was added, which provides handling of
atomic operations for libc++.  When atomic builtins are not available,
it emits a warning about being unsupported, but it still provides a
number of stubs for the required functions.

However, it misses a stub for __libcpp_relaxed_store().  Add it, by
using the same implementation as for __libcpp_atomic_store().

(Note that I encountered this on arm-freebsd, which still defaults to
armv4, and does not have the runtime libcalls to support atomic
builtins.  For now, I have simply disabled using them.)



Index: src/include/atomic_support.h
--- src/include/atomic_support.h
+++ src/include/atomic_support.h
@@ -103,6 +103,13 @@
     *__dest = __val;
+template <class _ValueType, class _FromType>
+void __libcpp_relaxed_store(_ValueType* __dest, _FromType __val)
+    *__dest = __val;
 template <class _ValueType>
 _ValueType __libcpp_atomic_load(_ValueType const* __val,

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