[PATCH] D11297: PR17829: Functions declared extern "C" with a name matching a mangled C++ function are allowed

Andrey Bokhanko via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 13 04:08:20 PDT 2015

andreybokhanko added a comment.


Thank you for the quick reply!

Let me make sure I understand what you said, using my test as an example (BTW, sorry if this is a dumb question -- I asked our local Clang experts, but no-one seems to be 100% sure what to do):

  1: struct T {
  2:   ~T() {}
  3: };
  5: extern "C" void _ZN1TD1Ev();
  7: int main() {
  8:   _ZN1TD1Ev();
  9:   T t;
  10: }

When we deal with the call at line N8, there are no Functions created yet, so nothing to bitcast. Thus, we create a Function and the following call:

  call void @_ZN1TD1Ev()

When we deal with implicit destructor call at line N10, there is already a Function with "_ZN1TD1Ev" mangled name exists. Thus, we create a bitcast and the following call:

  call void bitcast (void ()* @_ZN1TD1Ev to void (%struct.T*)*)(%struct.T* %t)

At the end of IRGen we should replace all references of old _ZN1TD1Ev (one with zero arguments) with new _ZN1TD1Ev (one with a single T* argument) -- *including* adding a new bitcast (as we replace a Function with different type) in all places in IR where we do the replacement.

Is my understanding correct?



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