[PATCH] D10305: [Clang Static Analyzer] Bug identification

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Mon Aug 10 19:03:44 PDT 2015

honggyu.kim added a comment.

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D10305#221121, @zaks.anna wrote:

> honggyu.kim,
> You are right, CmpRuns.py does not work with HTML files.
> The list of HTML reports is produced by scan-build and there is no facility there to search for newly generated reports.

Thanks for the confirmation.

> It is also not clear that there should be one HTML file per report. This is what we have now but the current approach does not scale well for large files with numerous reports (since we create a copy of the file for each report.) We do not have a proper design for issue uniquing with HTML interface in tree.

Yes, because we generate one HTML file per report, the number of bug reports can be hugely increased sometimes. In order to have multiple bug reports in a single HTML file just like plist, we need to write JavaScript code per HTML report to switch between multiple reports in a single file.

But I think it's not a critical issue as of now and it can be considered at the next step.
I hope to have a way to compare bug reports with HTML reports without plist as well otherwise we need some facility to match the result of CmpRuns.py with HTML reports.

As I mentioned, I think the simplist way of comparing HTML reports is to have the BugID in each HTML report so that we can just compare HTML reports whether the file exists or not.
In this case, if we don't include BugID in hash info, we can make the HTML file name as below:

Before: "report-xxxxxx.html"
After: "report-<filename>-<BugID>.html"
(even if filename is same in different path dirs, BugID can differentiate the HTML file name)

I appreciate all your feedback. Thanks.


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