[PATCH] D11694: [CUDA] Added stubs for __nvvm_atom_add*_d()

Artem Belevich tra at google.com
Fri Jul 31 13:53:49 PDT 2015

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NVPTX back-end currently does not support them, but they are used in CUDA headers so we need to be able to parse them.



Index: include/clang/Basic/BuiltinsNVPTX.def
--- include/clang/Basic/BuiltinsNVPTX.def
+++ include/clang/Basic/BuiltinsNVPTX.def
@@ -453,6 +453,9 @@
 BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_g_f, "ffD*1f", "n")
 BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_s_f, "ffD*3f", "n")
 BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_gen_f, "ffD*f", "n")
+BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_g_d, "ddD*1d", "n")
+BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_s_d, "ddD*3d", "n")
+BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_add_gen_d, "ddD*d", "n")
 BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_sub_g_i, "iiD*1i", "n")
 BUILTIN(__nvvm_atom_sub_s_i, "iiD*3i", "n")

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