[PATCH] Clang changes for indirect call target profiling

David davidxl at google.com
Tue May 19 22:11:45 PDT 2015

Does user need to specify -lpthread in the command line explicitly? This should be handled by the compiler driver when value profiling is enabled.

Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGClass.cpp:1368
@@ -1367,1 +1367,3 @@
   CXXDtorType DtorType = CurGD.getDtorType();
+  Stmt *Body = Dtor->getBody();
This is covered by your separate patch already.

Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CodeGenPGO.cpp:29
@@ +28,3 @@
+  llvm::cl::desc("Disable profiling of indirect calls"),
+  llvm::cl::init(false));
Probably disable value profiling by default initially until it gets stablized.

An user level option is also preferred: -fprofile-values



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