3.6.1 nominations for libc++abi

Eric Fiselier eric at efcs.ca
Sat May 2 16:05:29 PDT 2015

Hi Tom,
CC Marshall

I nominate the following patches to be included in 3.6.1.

These two commits clean up undefined behavior in readEncodedPointer.

- r231839: Fix PR21580 - Undefined behavior in readEncodedPointer()

- r231852: Remove unneeded const_cast in readPointerHelper. Pointed
out by jroelofs

These commits how libc++abi matches exception types to catch blocks.
In particular it makes libc++abi properly check for multilevel pointer
conversions as well as void* conversions.

- r233984: Fix multi-level pointer conversions and pointer to member
conversion detection.

- r234254: Disallow Base to Derived conversions for catching pointers
to members.

- r236299: Disallow conversions from function pointers to void*.


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