[PATCH] Embed Windows version resource information into our exe and dll files

Greg Bedwell gregbedwell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 10:52:44 PDT 2015

Here's a clang side patch that overrides the LLVM version numbers with
their clang equivalents for anything from tools/clang.  I couldn't figure
out how to put both patches in Phabricator at the same time without lumping
them into a single patch file but I wanted them both available to provide
context to each other.  I'm not aware of any other in-tree projects that
potentially use their own versioning scheme.

Hopefully this explains the reason for the interface
of set_windows_version_resource_properties on the LLVM side.  I went with
it seemed to give more useful information about the origin of the build
(especially if LLVM_APPEND_VC_REV is enabled which makes it include the SVN
revision number) but I'm happy just to use $CLANG_VERSION only or whatever
else is preferred.

A further enhancement could be to populate the FileDescription field for
any files that we feel would benefit (presumably user-facing files such as
clang.exe and friends) so that it will show up in the Windows Task Manager
when running which feels generally polite to do.  I'm happy to do this
if/when these changes land :-).


On 29 April 2015 at 18:22, Greg Bedwell <greg_bedwell at sn.scee.net> wrote:

> New patch attached.  Apologies for the delay.  I had to work on something
> else temporarily but am now free to hack on compilers once more - hooray!.
> For the benefit of cfe-commits who I've just added, this patch adds a
> VERSIONINFO resource to .exe and .dll files when we build LLVM with MSVC.
> The most visible place that you can find Windows version information is by
> looking at the file properties in Windows Explorer under the details tab.
> It's also embedded into minidump .dmp files (a subsequent change that I
> plan to submit will add the capability of automatically generating these
> files in the case of crashes on Windows).
> As suggested I separated the part that fixed an issue with the Ninja
> builder into another patch which was committed at r232727.
> I've split the CMake function from the original patch into 2 functions
> now.  The first just adds the resource script file to the current project
> if we're building with MSVC.  The second checks whether the resource script
> exists in the current project and sets preprocessor macros for that file
> containing the version information to embed if it does.  There are a couple
> of reasons for splitting it.  Firstly, we need to add the resource script
> file to the project sources before the target has been created, but in
> order to populate the 'OriginalFilename' field we need the target location
> which only exists once the target has been created.  Secondly, it means
> that we can call the 'set_windows_version_resource_properties' function
> from specific subproject CMakelists files to override the default values if
> necessary.
> By default we're setting the FILEVERSION field with the following values
> from CMake:
> The "FileVersion" and "ProductVersion" fields which are strings get set to
> the value of PACKAGE_VERSION.
> The "OriginalFilename" field gets set with the name of the exe or DLL file
> that the project creates.  Note that this means that files such as
> clang++.exe or clang-cl.exe will still get the string 'clang.exe' in this
> field as they are just copies of clang.exe.  "InternalName" as per the
> Microsoft documentation suggestion gets set to the filename string without
> the extension (so 'clang' in the above cases).  I've set 'ProductName' to
> 'LLVM' by default.
> I'll followup with a separate clang patch very shortly that overrides the
> LLVM version numbers with the clang equivalent ones and sets 'ProductName'
> to 'clang' when building projects that come from tools/clang.  I'm happy to
> bikeshed on the strings that particular fields should get as long as the
> general approach is considered acceptable.
> Thanks,
> Greg
> http://reviews.llvm.org/D7828
> Files:
>   cmake/modules/AddLLVM.cmake
>   resources/windows_version_resource.rc
>   http://reviews.llvm.org/settings/panel/emailpreferences/
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