[PATCH] Implement std::experimental::sample

Marshall Clow mclow.lists at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 16:34:57 PDT 2015

I'm very confused here.

The LFTS document references N3925 as the source of the `sample` proposal.

That paper has sample code, and talks about both "reservoir sampling" and "selection sampling", and using one for random access iterators and the other for forward iterators, and includes a reference implementation.  This code looks nothing like that.

I also don't see any tests that deal with:

1. Stability  "Stable if and only if PopulationIterator meets the requirements of a ForwardIterator type."
2. Empty input ranges.  (should write nothing)
3. test for n == 0 (should write nothing)
4. No tests with different kinds of iterators.



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