[PATCH] Fix spacing for function with ref-qualification when using SpacesInCStyleCastParentheses != SpacesInParentheses

Jean-Philippe Dufraigne j.dufraigne at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 18:15:24 PST 2015

If the approach is not right, I'll try to rework the fix with your feedback.

FormatStyle Spaces = getLLVMStyle();
verifyFormat("Deleted &operator=(const Deleted &)& = default;");

Spaces.SpacesInParentheses= true;
verifyFormat("Deleted( const Deleted & )& = default;", Spaces); // Fail "Deleted(const Deleted &)& = default;"

Spaces.SpacesInCStyleCastParentheses = true;
Spaces.SpacesInParentheses= false;
verifyFormat("Deleted(const Deleted &)& = default;", Spaces); // Fail "Deleted( const Deleted & )& = default;"

The cast seemed too eager: There does not seem to be a reason for a binary operator to follow a C-cast.

The type of the function reference qualification seems to make sense as TT_PointerOrReference:
 -Extend in the case of to handle the '&&' case "Deleted(const Deleted &)&& = default;"
 -Extend to handle the case without '=' for '*', '&' and '&&' case "Deleted(const Deleted &)&;"

Ensure no spaces between parenthesis and  the reference qualification:
"Deleted &operator=(const Deleted &)&;" can be detected with TT_OverloadedOperatorLParen
"SomeType MemberFunction(const Deleted &)&;" can be detected with TT_FunctionDeclarationName
But "Deleted(const Deleted &)&;" cannot be detected with existing mechanisms:
  - Introduce TT_FunctionLParen to recognize Function parentheses.

TT_FunctionLParen assume that an 'identifier(' necessarily represent a function declaration or function call including constructors.
It could also happen for functional C-cast, but it seem safe to assume they should be treated as function.
This changeset is already quite big for me, so I did not try to ensure TT_FunctionDeclarationName is always followed by TT_FunctionLParen.
As TT_FunctionDeclarationName,  TT_FunctionLParen is currently a best effort guess. It could be added in a separate changeset with a new set of tests.

The set of unit tests is not quite minimal, it needs:
- To cover LLVM, Google, SpacesInCStyleCastParentheses, SpacesInParentheses.
- Both ref-qualifications : '&' and '&&'
- Operator, function, and constructor.

Additional test:
Verify clang-format output is unchanged for the 3 modified files FormatToken.h, TokenAnnotator.cpp, FormatTest.cpp



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