[PATCH] Make the driver accept all four variants of the target option

Richard Barton richard.barton at arm.com
Thu Feb 19 03:47:31 PST 2015

I think that having -target=<triple> and --target <triple> only is awkward.
Why have two version of the same option with different rules on whether they
accept = or spaced arguments? 

I think Gabor's patch makes sense as it does not break any backwards
compatibility within clang itself and will only help people using the tool. 

The patch itself leaves some duplication in the Options.td file. Can't we
combine "target_legacy_spelling_EQ" with "target"? And perhaps rename them
both to just "target" and "target_EQ"?


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> Perhaps I am missing something, but how does having four variants for the
> option make it less confusing as a cross compiler?  Do we have a
> on which clang long options have '=' forms?
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