[PATCH] Implement Control Flow Integrity for virtual calls.

Kostya Serebryany kcc at google.com
Tue Feb 17 11:35:12 PST 2015

In http://reviews.llvm.org/D7424#120046, @pcc wrote:

> In my opinion, adding checks in LLVM would add significant complexity and/or require changing axioms relating to how IR is transformed. The transform to move the check after devirtualization would be relatively simple.
> > Also: if we want to do CFI for non-virtual indirect calls, will we be adding it in clang or in llvm?
> We would presumably be emitting the checks in clang.

This may deserve a separate thread on llvmdev/cfe-dev. I'd like to hear other opinions. Could you please start the discussion?
(where to insert the vcall and indir-call checks: in clang or in llvm)
Emitting the checks in clang means that the optimizations will have to undo the checks somehow when indir calls turn into direct calls and potentially inlined.



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